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Continental Tires strengthens in mobility solutions

06-Feb-2024 4:46 pm

Continental Tires strengthens in mobility solutions

Continental Tires showcases fusion of sustainability and strength in mobility solutions at the Bharat Mobility Expo 2024.

Continental Tires, one of the leading manufacturers of premium tires globally, held an exhibition of its latest tire technology and mobility solutions with a focus on safety, sustainability, and high performance at the Bharat Mobility Expo 2024 in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The event witnessed various domestic and international stakeholders from the auto sector including customers, suppliers and distributors, businesses (B2B and B2C), investors, and other industry experts. 

Continental Tires showcased a mix of products – imported and the ones manufactured in India allowing visitors to know about the brand’s continuous commitment to providing customers with a valuable experience and comprehensive mobility solutions. 

On this occasion, Samir Gupta, MD Continental Tires and Head of Central Region BA RE APAC said “The grand exhibit at the Bharat Mobility Expo 2024 recognizes the fact that India is emerging as one of the largest vehicle manufacturing markets, the expo serves as a focal point where potential investors converge, bolstering India’s position as the preferred destination for new manufacturers. Additionally, Continental Tires is keen to play an active role and contribute to this transforming Indian market which is becoming more organized. The brand also is working towards aligning itself with the government’s goals of ensuring maximum road safety and sustainability by providing high-performance tires and Conti360 Digital Solutions that continue to add to valuable customer experience.” 

Continental Tires showcased several innovative products at the expo. One standout was the Conti UltraContact NXT, featuring up to 65 percent renewable and recycled materials while maintaining top EU tire-label performance. This tire marks a significant step towards sustainable production in the industry, with Continental aiming for fully circular operations by 2050. Another highlight was the Premium Contact 6 Sealant, utilizing ContiSeal technology to instantly seal punctures and keep tires inflated, ensuring continued mobility. For hybrid vehicles, Continental introduced the Hybrid CHD2+ UM and Hybrid CHS2+ UM tires, designed for higher tread mileage and durability in diverse road conditions, including express cargo vehicles. In India, the CrossContact H/T tire was launched, tailored for driving on- and off-road with high mileage, comfort, and safety features. Lastly, the ContiCoach CCA3 showcased revolutionary tire technology with a wider tread for increased mileage and enhanced wet braking performance, prioritizing safety and stability. Overall, Continental’s lineup at the expo emphasized sustainability, performance, and safety across various vehicle applications.Continental Tires showcased their latest innovation, the Conti360 Digital Solutions, which includes a range of Intelligent Tires designed to revolutionize fleet management. These intelligent tires are equipped with sensors that enable continuous monitoring, providing real-time data to fleet operators remotely. This data not only enhances visibility into tire status but also contributes to increased road safety and reduced maintenance costs associated with tires.

The I-tyres, specifically designed for tubeless tires in India, offer several benefits such as increasing tire mileage and optimizing fuel consumption within fleets. The sensors embedded in these tires monitor tire performance on the road and promptly alert in case of punctures or loss of air pressure. Additionally, once the vehicle returns to the yard, a yard reader station collects sensor data and transmits it to the fleet team or owner.

Integration with GPS through ContiConnect further enhances monitoring capabilities, allowing fleet operators to track tire performance and receive alerts remotely. This integration leads to reduced fuel expenditure, increased tire longevity, and improved vehicle safety for end consumers.

Continental Tires’ commitment to safety is evident in their utilization of cutting-edge technology, robust tire design, and stringent testing protocols. By leveraging technology, Continental Tires continues to develop innovative, durable, and secure products for the road transport industry, prioritizing safety and efficiency for all stakeholders involved.

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