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Smart Sensing Solutions redefining efficiency in the EV making

06-Feb-2024 4:19 pm

Smart Sensing Solutions redefining efficiency in the EV making

TVS Sensing Solutions’ President, Dr. Balaji Venkataraman says, we pioneer innovation and efficiency in the electric vehicle industry through cutting-edge technologies, strategic collaborations and sustainable practices.

How is TVS Sensing Solutions contributing to the growth of the EV market?

Over the years, the auto component sector has constantly contributed to India’s growth on the global stage, positioning the country as a key player in driving innovation and development. The EV segment is experiencing growth, driven by positive market sentiments and industry efforts in research and development, collaborations, localisation and government support. The automotive sector is gearing up for a future where consumers can easily embrace electrification, promoting cleaner and sustainable mobility options.

At TVSSS, we are actively involved in developing customised smart sensing solutions specifically tailored for the EV market. We are committed to establishing leadership in emerging technologies within the EV sector, aligning our resources to enhance these capabilities. Our focus on innovation, design and application engineering reinforces our ability to meet customer needs and provide value. By leveraging our expertise in these domains, we aim to establish a leadership position in the industry.

Smart Sensing Solutions redefining efficiency in the EV making

How does your specialised product range contribute to advancing innovation and efficiency in the electric vehicle industry?

We have introduced a specialised product range to expand our presence in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. This includes ARAI-approved DC-DC converters, Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors, Side Stand Sensors, Throttle Position Sensors, and Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems. Our upcoming additions comprise Oxygen Sensors, Integrated Sensors, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), reflecting our dedication to innovation and advancement in the electric vehicle industry.

We subject our products to comprehensive testing to ensure their reliability, durability, and reduced maintenance, ultimately enhancing electric vehicles’ overall performance and efficiency. With expertise in Application Engineering and Customization, our core competency aligns with our goal to contribute to the progress of sustainable transportation through innovative sensing solutions.

How does collaboration between production and research lead to delivering high-quality products and solutions?

Our skilled engineering team propels technological advancements. We have also formed partnerships with design houses, startups, and technical universities, positioning us at the forefront of the market. This integrated system ensures seamless collaboration between production and research, delivering high-quality products and solutions. The collaboration among our skilled team members and strategic alliances drives innovation. It positions us as leaders in the market through streamlined and efficient operational processes.

How does your in-house Development and Innovation Center in Madurai contribute to the global shift towards electric and software-based solutions in the automotive sector?

The automotive sector is rapidly shifting towards electric and software-based solutions in the global mobility trends. India is a focal point for global auto giants expanding their R&D operations. It is leveraging the country’s expertise in application engineering and manufacturing to drive innovation for local and international markets.

Our in-house Development and Innovation Center in Madurai is vital in advancing the transition to a more efficient EV industry and refining the manufacturing processes. Our commitment extends to incorporating sustainability practices in developing our products and solutions, encompassing efficient resource management and life cycle assessment. Significant investments are allocated towards advancing state-of-the-art technologies that enhance the overall capabilities of electric vehicles (EVs). This initiative aims to achieve higher performance levels while optimising energy consumption.

In what ways can we address the evolving challenges in the EV market?

The increasing popularity of EVs and hybrid vehicles requires significant investments in innovative research to enhance energy storage systems, electric motors, integrated sensors and vehicle charging infrastructure. Manufacturers are directing R&D efforts toward developing cutting-edge EV components integrated with smart solutions and connectivity features. The wider use of EVs faces high costs, limited range, and charging infrastructure issues. We emphasise cost optimisation and strengthen supply chain capabilities to tackle these challenges effectively. Through these strategies, we aim to pave the way for a smooth transition towards increased electric vehicle usage.

Smart Sensing Solutions redefining efficiency in the EV making

How do TVSS and OEMs collaboration influence the development of cutting-edge auto components?

Partnerships and collaborations are integral to our strategy as a prominent auto component manufacturer in the Indian EV sector. We maintain strong ties with our OEM partners, and these partnerships fuel innovation, boost our capabilities, and foster continuous learning. As a Tier 1 supplier in the EV segment, we prioritise customisation, quality, and timely delivery to meet OEMs’ specific needs. Our dedication to cost optimisation and strong after-sales support strengthens partnerships, making us a reliable contributor to success in the competitive automotive industry.

How do you adapt to technological advancements to stay at the forefront of providing high-quality auto components for electric vehicles?

We are proactively pursuing growth opportunities, leveraging organic opportunities and strategic partnerships to meet rising demands effectively. Diversifying our portfolio globally is a key focus, enhancing our reach and capabilities. Our agility in adapting to emerging trends remains consistent, driven by our state-of-the-art Development Center and Innovation Center. We are additionally seeking partnerships with startups to accelerate growth in our EV portfolio, and such collaborations drive progress more efficiently. We are committed to building a sustainable smart mobility ecosystem, prioritising environmental responsibility, and forging collaborative partnerships and delivering customer-centric solutions. This ensures the seamless achievement of our goals in advancing smart and eco-friendly mobility solutions and staying at the forefront of the industry.

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