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Tata Motors’ sustainable commute in Srinagar with Electric Buses

19-Dec-2023 4:41 pm

Tata Motors’ sustainable commute in Srinagar with Electric Buses

Tata Motors delivers the first batch of cutting-edge Ultra EV electric buses to Srinagar, marking a step towards sustainable public transport for Srinagar and Jammu Smart City projects.

Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, has announced the delivery of the first batch of state-of-the-art Ultra EV air-conditioned electric buses to Srinagar Smart City Limited. This delivery marks the initial step in a larger order to supply, maintain, and operate 100 electric buses in Srinagar and 100 electric buses in Jammu for a 12-year period as part of the Jammu and Srinagar Smart City projects. The collaboration is part of the Housing and Urban Development Department’s initiative to establish an environmentally and financially sustainable public transport network for Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir.

The zero-emission electric buses are built on a next-generation architecture, featuring cutting-edge technology and advanced battery systems. They are designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient intra-city commute across Srinagar, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable urban mobility solution.

Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, lauded the initiative and highlighted the transformative impact of the electric buses on the city’s public transport system. He expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the support in making the project a reality.

Shri Prashant Goyal, Principal Secretary of the Housing & Urban Development Department, J&K, emphasized the significance of the project in improving the last-mile passenger transport system in Srinagar, easing traffic congestion and promoting sustainable urban development.

Shri Athar Aamir Khan, CEO of Srinagar Smart City Ltd, stated that the project marked a massive transformation in public transport in Srinagar and would decongest the city while providing reliable, affordable, and comfortable public transport options.

Mr. Asim Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Chairman of TML Smart City Mobility Solutions (J&K) Pvt Ltd, expressed his excitement about Tata Motors’ role in providing transformative, eco-friendly, and emission-free transport solutions for the region. He emphasized the company’s commitment to safer, smarter, and greener mobility solutions.

Tata Motors has a strong track record in supplying electric buses across India, with more than 1,000 electric buses deployed in various cities, collectively covering over 9.6 crore kilometers and maintaining an uptime of over 95%. The Tata Ultra EV sets new standards for urban city commuting, offering low energy consumption, operational efficiency, and advanced safety and comfort features.

The project reflects the commitment to cleaner public transport and contributes to the development of sustainable transportation solutions for urban passenger needs.

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