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Delegate Registration

September 27, 2024 | Pune, Maharashtra | Venue : Novotel Hotel

Topics to be discussed:
  • Driving the Future: Embracing Sustainability in Indian Automotive Manufacturing
  • Upskilling for enhanced productivity and sustainability
  • Policy and Regulatory Landscape for Sustainable Automotive Manufacturing in India
  • Innovative Materials and Processes for Eco-Friendly Manufacturing
  • Success Stories of Sustainable Practices in Indian Automotive Factories
  • Designing for Sustainability: Integrating Eco-Design Principles in Automotive Manufacturing
  • The Role of Digitalization and Industry 4.0 in Enhancing Sustainability
  • Cloud Manufacturing in the Automotive industry.
  • Innovative ideas for EV shopfloors
  • EV Battery recycling: scope and scale
  • Collaborative Efforts for a Greener Automotive Supply Chain
  • Charting the Road Ahead: Next Steps for Sustainable Automotive Manufacturing in India

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