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MOTOTECH23 | Lamp Lighting Ceremony
MOTOTECH23 | Keynote Address by Conference Chairman, Nasir Deshmukh, Mahindra and Mahindra Limited
MOTOTECH23 | Keynote Address by Guest of Honour, Uday Narang, Omega Seiki Mobility
MOTOTECH23 | Panel Discussion – Exploring the Future of Green Mobility
MOTOTECH23 | Presentation by K. Arunagiri, Atlas Copco
MOTOTECH23 | Presentation by Prem Aruliah John, Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Limited
MOTOTECH23 | Presentation by Naveeth Menon, Baxy Mobility
MOTOTECH23 | Presentation by Ravindra Gugale, Tata Autocomp Systems Limited
MOTOTECH23 | Presentation by Rajesh Kumathekar, Advantek Fuel Systems
MOTOTECH23 | Presentation by Pranjal Mathur, DataM Intelligence 4Market Research LLP
MOTOTECH23 | Panel Discussion – Challenge in EV Battery Swapping, Battery Prices, RE and EV Charging
MOTOTECH23 | Presentation by Sachin Sanghi, Google Cloud
MOTOTECH23 | Presentation by Bhavesh Mehta, Omron Automation Pvt Ltd
MOTOTECH23 | Presentation by Sunil Pawar, Dassault Systemes
MOTOTECH23 | Keynote Address by E. Rajiv, International Automotive Center of Excellence (IACE)
MOTOTECH23 | Fire Side Chat on Role of AI in Autonomous Vehicles by Shatyabrata Das & Shirish Joshi
MOTOTECH23 | Panel Discussion – Exploring the Future of Green Mobility

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